Refugees, journalist detention in Nauru ‘overshadows key issues’

He says he does not condone limiting press freedom, but it is a sensitive and complicated issue which needs to be looked at from many points of view.

Utusan’s cry for press freedom

Such noble concern for press freedom is a bit rich coming from a daily that’s been dogged with defamation suits, and accusations of unfair reporting, …

Candidates should use their platforms to defend press freedom

Unfortunately, the U.S. is no longer a press-freedom beacon, and in fact it fell two places this year to rank 45th out of 180 countries measured in the …

Bangladesh: New Digital Security Act muzzles Press freedom

The newly enacted Digital Security Act 2018 in Bangladesh has drawn serious concerns for Press freedom and the right to freedom of expression.

Jeff Bezos Says Trump Should Be Fine With Media Scrutiny

Jeff Bezos Says Trump Should Be Fine With Media Scrutiny The Amazon CEO has mounted a vigorous defense of press freedom against the U.S. …

The Reporters Committee’s 2017 Annual Report is now available

… Committee to showcase our commitment and dedication to providing legal services and support to journalists in the advancement of press freedom.