ST. LUCIA- Human rights activists calls for the establishment on human rights

“Wars are fought daily and poverty is increasing and press freedom is non-existent in some countries. And yes even here in St. Lucia human rights are …

National Press Club Asks China’s Ambassador for Answers on Missing Photographer

President, National Press Club Journalism Institute. PRESS CONTACT: John M. Donnelly, Chairman, NPC Press Freedom Committee, 202 650 6738.

Opinion: Media would benefit from a little humility

"Thanks to press freedom, that cherished tenet of democracy, I can also publicly state my displeasure (with the current president)," wrote Caudill.

Bangladesh Briefly Shuts Dozens of Online News Sites, Citing Security Concerns

… Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is already facing criticism for introducing laws that many journalists fear are aimed at curbing press freedom.

Twenty-five human rights activists detained in Nepal

They were demanding protection of human rights and press freedom, end to impunity and violence against women, punishment to the guilty and …

Western Diplomats Concerned Over ‘Periodic Blockage’ Of Websites In Tajikistan

… to “provide for press freedom in accordance with Tajikistan’s international obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”.